Understanding, Drafting, and Negotiating Contracts

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We will offer this course On-Line from June 29 – July 10 via 10 live Zoom Videoconferencing sessions. Each session will last approximately 2-hours and will start at 7:00am Washington DC time (Eastern Standard Time). The class will be highly interactive and include presentations, case studies, and group exercises.


This seminar follows an integrated approach by focusing on enhancing expertise in drafting contracts and strengthening negotiation skills. To emphasize practical learning, the seminar provides opportunities to engage in various drafting and negotiation exercises, developed by experts in the field. This seminar is designed for both lawyers who will be drafting and negotiating contracts for their clients and for officials who will be negotiating, drafting, and implementing contracts.

Course Outline

Overview of contract law, including purchase orders, requests for proposals, contract formation and contract interpretation; Professional agreements versus construction contracts; Contract pricing and scope; Review of standard language including insurance requirements, indemnification, liquidated damages, third-party rights, suspension and termination.

  • Discussion of dispute resolution, including arbitration versus litigation, jurisdiction, choice of law, and remedies
  • Analysis of approaches to negotiation
  • Analysis of positions, interests, options and developing techniques and skills
  • Exploration of power and cultural dynamics • Examination of how to deal with difficult negotiators and overcoming impasse.

Special Promotion

This online seminar includes the option to attend a future in-person two-week seminar for free within the three following years.

Course Advisor

Gail Kelley is a professional engineer as well as a practicing attorney. Her practice focuses on drafting and negotiation of construction contracts and design agreements for both public and private projects, with a specific focus on review and negotiation of design agreements and financing documents for insurability concerns. She also participates in the negotiation of settlement agreements. Ms. Kelley has over 30 years of experience in all aspect of design, construction and development. She has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Cornell University, an M.S. in Construction Management from MIT, and a JD from Washington College of Law. She is the author of “Construction Law: An Introduction for Engineers, Architects and Contractors”.

Gerhard Botha is Director of Programs at ILI. Previously, he worked for the World Bank as a senior sector specialist in legal and judicial reform and private and financial sector development. Mr. Botha specialized in labour/employment law and relations, conflict resolution and negotiation, both in private practice and within a large corporate environment in Southern Africa. He has over 30 years experience in legal and labour relations practice, and in international development. Mr. Botha holds B.A. and LL.B. degrees from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, an LL.M degree in Labor Law from the University of South Africa and an LL.M focusing on labour/ employment law and Alternate Dispute Resolution, from the George Washington University Law School in Washington DC.

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Tuition is $2245

Special COVID-19 deal - pay for one online seminar and attend a one-week ILI in-person seminar tuition free within the next three years).

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Apply Online at - http://ili.org/training/application.html

For more information please contact - training@ili.org