Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM) Training Event

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Logistics Learning Alliance is a leading provider of humanitarian based training programmes. We currently have over 1,000 students, studying in six continents and working under some of the most dangerous and challenging conditions in many of the world’s most disaster hit and war-torn countries.

Following the huge success of our Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM) Events between 2015 and 2019, we will be visiting Port-au-Prince, Haiti in June 2020 to deliver a four day event, specialising in key aspects of humanitarian logistics – Supply Chain, Warehousing & Inventory, Transport & Fleet Management. The HELM programme is designed as a beginner course to help those new or aiming to move into to the humanitarian sector, or who just need to freshen up their skills in delivering humanitarian aid. This event will be studied in French.

Course content
The event will covers areas including:

  • Supply Chain – including What is Supply Chain Management, The Role of the Humanitarian Supply Chain Manager, How the Supply Chain Works and Improving the Supply Chain.
  • Warehousing & Inventory – including The Function of the Warehouse, Layout of the Warehouse, Stock Control and Health and Safety in the Warehouse.
  • Transport & Fleet Management – including The Role of Transport in the Supply Chain, Modes of Transport, Third Parties involved with Transport and Handling Requirements for Goods Movement.

Fee information

The course fee is $795.00 USD and this covers the entire duration of the training. Refreshments and lunch provided. Discounts are eligible for group bookings of between 7-14, and for individuals attending more than one HELM Event. Please note that costs associated with travelling and accommodation are not included and must be met by the student.

How to register

Go to https://www.logisticslearningalliance.com/lla-events/ or complete our enquiry form at https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/d02c58bd9a5f4d51b56379214c96ba35