Counter Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia - online course

The Global Campus of Human Rights is expanding its educational offer with an Online Course on Counter Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia. The course is going to examine the programmes, practices and activities of counter trafficking through the analysis of aspects such as raids and rescues, litigation, organising, education. In particular, it will do so by speaking to renowned lecturers and experts from NGOs, Trade Unions and International Organisations and by looking at the specific case of Southeast Asia.

The course is structured in five Classes:

  • Class 1: Overview: laws, definitions, status

  • Class 2: Advocacy around law and policy

  • Class 3: The Role of Research in Counter Trafficking

  • Class 4: The role of Trade Unions

  • Class 5: Countering child trafficking

How to register

The Course is free to audit and open to ‘leaders of the future’ who envision a world free from human trafficking: students; NGO activists; young lawyers and social scientists; active and motivated citizens from around the world and all those interested in interdisciplinary human rights, migration, children’s rights, advocacy, workers’ empowerment. The course is self-paced and aimed at reinforcing personal critical reflection. Case-studies and quizzes will be used to enable a multidimensional understanding of the topic.

Participants who successfully pass the Final Quiz of the course can request a Certificate of Completion with a Transcript of Records upon payment of a small fee of 49 Euro.

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