Proposal and Report Writing (Amman)

from RedR UK
Registration deadline: 07 Jul 2020 Training date: 14 Jul 2020 to 16 Jul 2020 More Information


It is essential for organisations to have the capacity to design, write, and deliver high quality project proposals and reports. This course will focus on the aspects that make proposals effective and successful, will introduce participants to best practices in proposal writing, and help them to develop the knowledge and skills needed to improve their efficacy in writing, presenting, and defending proposals.

It will also cover report writing and will equip participants with the skills and techniques needed to write clear and engaging reports.


  • Elements of proposals and reports: structure and components
  • Tools for planning and preparation
  • Formal and informal reporting
  • Identifying proposal purpose and understanding donor requirements
  • Writing skills, including language, layout, format, structure, flow, and finishing
  • Common mistakes and best practices
Fee information:
Standard Organization - 600$ - NNGO - 300$
How to register:

Kindly register to the course through here.