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After having run several trainings in other countries (e.g. South Sudan and Kenya), BushProof has now decided to offer its technical training on site, in preference to Madagascar. The reasons are that it allows our training to be more tailored to specific contexts, allows the cost per participant to drop, and ends up being more efficient in terms of carbon emissions and our environmental impact. We have over 30 sessions to choose from, but for all of them our focus remains largely on water & sanitation infrastructure and technical design.

We always try to promote learning through a range of both practical and theoretical sessions. Practicals include getting outside to build things, as well as design calculations in the classroom. Examples of practical sessions include the following:

  • Manual drilling & jetting;
  • Coagulation & chlorination jar tests;
  • Biosand filter construction;
  • Household water treatment demonstrations;
  • Field topographical surveying;
  • Water testing
  • Various practical calculations as part of theoretical sessions, including well design, pumping test, pipe design (pumping & gravity) septic tank design, groundwater contamination risk, and rainwater catchment.

As always, participants at a BushProof-run training are expected to get involved with all practical sessions – so prepare to get dirty!

Our style of training tends to be fairly intense, where we give as much information as we can during the time available. Our focus is on technical design issues for problematic (and neglected) areas in water & sanitation projects. As much as we can, we link theory to field experiences of the facilitators.

We suggest not having more than 20 participants per course, which still allows individual feedback and tuition. The course will be conducted in English, but since the BushProof course facilitators speak French they can help francophone participants to understand any technical terms.

We are able to run training at any location, security permitting. Where security is an issue, we will work with you to find alternative nearby locations that could be an option for our training.

Fee information

On-site trainings typically last for between 6 and 10 days. For training over 6 days, we would suggest one day of rest in between. The cost available on request, and may vary depending on the context and what is required by way of preparation from our side.

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