Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

from Eight Fold Capacity Limited
Registration deadline: 25 Nov 2019 Training date: 02 Dec 2019 to 06 Dec 2019 More Information


The course is targeted at professionals working in a hostile environment. This may include humanitarian workers, those working in the mining industry and oil and gas fields among others.

The participants are imparted with the skills and knowledge necessary to identify mitigate and respond appropriately to the threats they face in a changing and sometimes violent environment.

By sending participants to this course the employer also ensures that they not only meet moral and legislative responsibility but also ensure that the employees have the capacity to operate safely and securely in the work environment.

The course has been developed to meet and exceed the highest standards set for HEAT training.


The main objectives for the course are:

  1. To increase the participants' awareness of the many threats present in different environments and impart the necessary knowledge and skills to manage the risk posed by the threat.

  2. To practice in a safe but realistic environment response to various threats including crossfire, kidnap, hostile crowd, mines among others.


The course is held at the Humanitarian Peace Support School in Nairobi, Kenya. The Schools is a modern state of the art facility specializing in security and humanitarian related courses. The facility has an expansive compound that includes The Amani(peace) village that has specifically been built to facilitate simulation exercises. The school is also equipped with a medical center and a standby ambulance for any eventuality. A link to the school's website is provided here

The course is conducted by integrating both classroom activities among them group discussions, role plays, videos, and outdoor simulation exercises. We ensure that we balance between gender, experience and other special needs when selecting the course facilitators. Our facilitation team is also trained to attend to the participants’ well being during the exercise but there is always a psychologist on call if needed.

Language: English


The course is open to anyone who works in a hostile environment or whose work may require travel to remote areas and those with uncertain security.

Dates: 2nd –  6th December 2019

Venue; Humanitarian Peace Support School-HPSS, Nairobi, Kenya

Fee information:
Fee: USD 1650 (Excludes all taxes applicable, Includes full board accommodation for 5 nights and all course materials).
How to register:

Contact Person: Martin/Eric

Tel: +254 799 868 855, +254 720 847 662

Email:, or