Bystanders Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse

In this 10-minute Ready to Go Mobile Guide, you will learn how to react responsibly when you feel a child’s boundaries have been violated. Darkness to Light designed this guide in collaboration with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation to encourage any adult to be an active bystander who decides to act when he or she sees or suspects harm to a child. This resource provides guidance on how to intervene when you sense something is unsafe or if you witness a boundary violation or a vulnerable situation for a child.

Child sexual abuse is a complex problem. The information in this guide is not a substitute for the advice of professionals. It does not teach a guaranteed method of identifying people who sexually offend, and it is not intended as a therapeutic tool. For more information on preventing child sexual abuse or to take one of Darkness to Light’s trainings, please go to

Ready to Go Mobile Guides, with a downloadable PDF included with the course, are designed specifically for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to support learners on the go.

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