Child Protection in Humanitarian Action

from RedR Australia
Registration deadline: 16 Mar 2020 Training date: 18 Mar 2020 to 20 Mar 2020 More Information

Increasing emergencies brings a growing demand for humanitarians with expertise in Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (CPHA), by delivering this training we aim to increase the pool of experts available to deploy in this sector.

This course is an ideal choice for humanitarian practitioners and those entering the sector that have an interest and commitment to child protection, and want to increase their knowledge of how children can be affected in humanitarian action. The course will broaden participants’ understanding of child protection within the broader humanitarian system, and equip them with CPHA tools and strategies to apply in the field.

This intermediate-level course is ideal for people already involved or likely to be involved in child protection in emergencies programming, as a coordinator, practitioner and/or decision maker. It is expected that participants will already have a sound understanding of general child protection issues and an awareness of the risk factors that increase children's vulnerability in humanitarian action.

Fee information:
Full Rate: $1,500 AUD Reduced Rate: $1,200 AUD If you currently work for an NGO or are a member of the RedR Roster, you are eligible for the reduced rate.
How to register:

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