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Course Objectives:

This one-week course introduces participants to the essentials of Board Governance. It is tailored for people who serve (or are considering serving) on board as a director (head of the organization) or board member whether state-owned companies, corporate, non-profit or as a volunteer. The focus of this course is to make sure you know your rights, obligations and duties as a board member or director and you are able to practice “good board governance”.

Course Content:

  • Introduction to Boards and Board Governance
  • Basics of Governance in relation to Good Board Governance
  • Board designs and structures in different organization types and levels
  • The core mandate, roles, duties, rights and responsibilities of board members
  • Board Decision Making Frameworks in different organizations
  • Board relations with key stakeholders and why they are important
  • Communication lines and norms within and between board and management
  • Common causes of conflicts ways of maintaining mutuality

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the training, you will understand the purpose and role of good board governance practices, including the duties and responsibilities of board members, consensus on lines of communication and communication norms within and between board and management, what you should know about the organization, what could potentially go wrong (common causes of conflict), the ways to enhance functional collaboration and mutuality within the board and with management.

Target Group:

Board members, people aspiring to be board members and heads of organizations.

Fee information:
Tuition Fee $ 350 Full board in a single room(meals & Accommodation) $471 per week Full board in a shared room(meals & Accommodation) US$339 per week Hostel Quad plus Meal per week US$118 per week
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