EU Migration and Asylum Law and Policies

from Human Rights Education Associates
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Composed of 28 (soon 27) Member States that were traditionally sending countries, but which have become key destinations for migrants and refugees from all over the world in the past half century, the EU is one of the central players in the international community in terms of migration and asylum legislation and policies. The last few years have also seen the resurgence of emigration flows from some EU Member States into other countries and regions in the world. This is coupled with the creation of an Internal Market where free movement of EU citizens in ensured and the establishment of an area of freedom, security and justice whose external borders are jointly controlled.

A number of complex policies and legislation have therefore been adopted in order to address these phenomena while cooperating with third countries in the areas of migration and asylum. For those living and working outside the EU, understanding its migration system can be a true challenge. This course will focus on the various aspects of EU immigration and asylum law, in particular: institutional aspects; the development of a Common European Asylum System (CEAS); policies on legal migration, including admission of immigrants for labour migration; the rights of third-country nationals in the EU, and their integration in European societies; irregular migration, and measures to combat it; border controls and border security; the external dimension of EU action, including relations with third countries in the fields of return of irregular migrants, readmission agreements and the protection of asylum seekers and refugees.

Course outline

Week 1. Introduction to EU Policy and Legislation on Immigration
Week 2. Admission of Third-Country Nationals to the EU
Week 3. Rights and Integration of Third-Country Nationals
Week 4. EU Asylum Law
Week 5. Borders in the EU: Visas, Carrier Sanctions & Frontex Operations
Week 6. Irregular Migration in the EU

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