Responding to Sexual Violence in the Aid Workplace

In this 10-minute Ready to Go Mobile Guide, you will learn how to take action, report an incident, and get support when sexual violence and abuse happens to you or a colleague in the workplace. Insecurity Insight designed this guide in collaboration with the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation for survivors and their colleagues in the aftermath of sexual violence who are working for local and international relief and development organizations, aid agencies, or nonprofit organizations. This resource provides information and action steps to help survivors of sexual violence and abuse find the support they need including medical care, psychosocial support, accountability, and legal justice. It does not provide guidance to organizations on prevention, response mechanisms, professional medical and psychosocial support, investigation or criminal justice. These aspects are beyond the control of individuals and should be addressed at an organizational and community level.

Ready to Go Mobile Guides, with a downloadable PDF included with the course, are designed specifically for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to support learners on the go.

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