Theory of Change and Stakeholder Engagement

from Transformancy
Registration deadline: 30 Nov 2019 Training date: 03 Dec 2019 to 06 Dec 2019 More Information is promoting a training in Theory of Change and Power Analysis with a particular emphasis on stakeholder engagement.

The training will take place in Bangkok between the 3rd and the 6th of December.

Theory of change is very popular tool for designing, monitoring and assessing social change and development programmes. We especially highlight the opportunity that ToC framework brings to get the social organisations focussed on learning about how change happens to achieve both greater impact while enhancing accountability to different stakeholders. As SIDA states in its guide “Power Analysis a Practical guide”, power analysis is an approach to understand how power relations may reinforce conditions of poverty and marginalization and on how to develop strategies for responding and mobilizing alternative forms of power that can address inequalities. Our training course is the result of six years practicing and innovating with Theory of Change. It also draws on our experience linking strategic planning, empowerment and social change. In the last years many organisations created spaces for this model to become alive and to find its own legitimacy amongst organisations and government institutions in the north and in the south. It provides effective tools and approaches on how to engage stakeholders and manage and listen to their divergent views if in place.

What will you learn?

The training will offer a combination of Theory of Change and Power Analysis, introducing key concepts and methods, and exploring them practically in order to help participants integrate these approaches into their daily work and use them to effectively support change processes..

After this course you will able to:

  • Plan, lead and facilitate strategic organizational and programme planning processes in multi-stakeholder settings
  • Map out existent power relations in the context of your work in
  • Develop empowerment strategies and new ways of working with different stakeholders.

Teaching/Learning Approach

● Limited use of PowerPoint

● Moving the body helps to move the minds

● An image is worth a thousand words

● Individual reflection combined with group work

Who should attend?

Development practitioners, MEL Officers, Consultants, individual facilitators and activists who are working directly with organisations and grassroots communities.

Fee information:
Cost is €950. Cost includes lectures, material and in course refreshments (lunch and coffee breaks) Participants should arrange for their accommodation and flights
How to register:

To register please follow this link: