Humanitarian Leadership Program / Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership

from Deakin University, Save the Children, Centre for Humanitarian Leadership
Registration deadline: 04 Nov 2019 Training date: 11 Nov 2019 to 30 Jun 2020 More Information

The Humanitarian Leadership Program turns experienced humanitarians into effective and inspiring leaders.

Join a ground-breaking program designed by practitioners, academics and leadership experts. As well as studying online, you’ll travel to Australia and Indonesia for two intensive, simulated crisis situations. After successfully completing the course, you'll receive a Graduate Certificate of Humanitarian Leadership (accredited by Deakin University).

The next Humanitarian Leadership Program commences in November 2019. You can apply online now.

What You’ll Learn

Developed, tested, and refined based on proven efficacy in the field, the Humanitarian Leadership Program is an unrivalled learning experience that sharpens your intellectual, emotional, interpersonal, and professional leadership skills. You'll learn:

Humanitarian theory
With a solid understanding of the history of humanitarian principles, values and ethics, you’ll be able to navigate today’s humanitarian systems.

The role of leadership
You’ll learn how to provide strategic leadership across humanitarian contexts - including preparedness, relief, and recovery.

Effective decision-making
Test and improve your ability to make decisions quickly and effectively, often with limited information.

Meeting new challenges
Navigate emerging trends with a better understanding of complicated leadership and common humanitarian dilemmas.

Better team management
Facilitate and manage interaction between team members so that they perform more highly together than they would individually.

Your own strengths and hidden skills
Learn how to bring out the best of yourself to influence the people and processes that surround you.

How You’ll Learn

You’ll collaborate with an expert group of practicing humanitarians, academics, and leadership specialists from around the world through:

  • Live-in intensive units with intensive simulation exercises
  • Academic and guest lectures
  • Expert-led seminars and workshops
  • Individual coaching and mentoring
  • Peer feedback and learning
  • Access to online resources and discussions

All of our lectures are delivered and available online. After completing the course, you’ll receive one year of mentoring to help you implement everything you’ve learned.

Fee information:
The fee for the complete course (4 units) ranges from $3,990 to $10,800 AUD (Australian dollars). Scholarships are available to cover up to 63% of course fees. Full terms, conditions and further information is available on our website.
How to register:

The next Humanitarian Leadership Program commences in November 2019. Find out more and apply online.

As a part of the online application process, you will need to upload a scanned copy of the photo page of your passport (PDF format), as well as a copy of your current CV/Resume (PDF format, maximum 3 pages).

You can start an application and then save it for later, and you will be emailed a link to continue your applications.

Applicants are strongly advised to read through the application form and requirements prior to completing their application.