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Course Objectives:

This course will examine current social, financial and legal anti-corruption incentives and mechanisms and practically examine the potential role of behavioral and institutional economics in promoting positive deviance, social and non-legal, non-financial rewards and punishment such as social sanctions and public recognition and mention. You will enrich your knowledge and tools through state of the art guidelines, best practice examples and interactive experience based exercises on enforcing legal measures, conflict of interest management, public procurement ethical dilemmas, the role of public-private partnerships and international cooperation windows.

Course Content:

What you will learn – the key topics

  • The many faces of Corruption, its causes, costs and consequences on society
  • Political, grand, petty and quiet corruption and potential reform measures
  • Corruption and its correlation with democracy and freedom of the press
  • Gender perspectives on corruption and its effects on access to social services
  • Common red flags in the infrastructure sector and potential preventive measures
  • Corruption hotspots in procurement, detection and preventive measures
  • Dealing with Corruption in decentralization and provincial governments
  • Common corruption red flags in immigration and passport control
  • Integrity and corruption hotspots in tax administration and revenue collection

Target Group:

Whether you work in a fundraising or partnership role in a development organization, donor agency, government department or regional and international organisations such as the African Union, EAC, COMESA, SADC, those working in political arena, institutions of higher learning and research, and media and NGO sector professionals will find this course very insightful.

Fee information:
Tuition Fee $ 350 Full board in a single room(meals & Accommodation) $471 per week Full board in a shared room(meals & Accommodation) US$339 per week Hostel Quad plus Meal per week US$118 per week
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