Security and crisis management course

from Eight Fold Capacity Limited
Registration deadline: 05 Nov 2019 Training date: 12 Nov 2019 to 14 Nov 2019 More Information


This three days course targets professionals who may or may not have a security background but have responsibilities that include the management of safety and security of staff and assets. Noting that many organizations work in areas of volatile security, it is prudent to ensure that necessary measures are put in place to assess, monitor, mitigate and respond appropriately to security risks within one’s context. Poor management of security not only poses a threat to the well being of staff but may also affect the degree to which the programs outputs are achieved. The course introduces the participants to the security management framework, risk assessment and how it relates to their business/programs. They are then guided to generate strategies to manage the risks and how to bring all these together into a security plan.


The main objectives for the course are:

  1. To introduce the participants to security management concepts.

  2. To unbundle the roles and responsibilities of a security manager.

  3. To plan and practice how to manage crisis incidents within the organization.

  4. List key challenges in the management of security within the organization.


The course is conducted by integrating both classroom activities among them group discussions, role plays, videos and outdoor simulation exercises. We ensure that we balance between gender, experience and other special needs when selecting the course facilitators.

The gem of this course is a three hours simulation exercise that seeks to test the participants’ ability to make the right and timely decisions in managing security incidents.

Language: English


  1. Middle level managers whose responsibility include security managers

  2. Security focal point persons

  3. Program site managers

Dates: 12th – 14th November 2019

Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Fee information:
Fee: USD 650. (Includes tuition, meals teas/lunch and all course materials, accommodation not included). Subsidized rates for local community-based organizations available.
How to register:

Contact Person: Eric / Martin

Tel: +254 720 847 662, +254 799 868 855