Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) for Health Promotion

from IDEAL Public Health and Development Consultancy
Registration deadline: 20 Nov 2019 Training date: 25 Nov 2019 to 29 Nov 2019 More Information

Each year, a lot of resources are spent trying to modify human behaviour. While some intervention strategies are successful, many fall short of their intended goals. Research shows that those interventions most likely to achieve desired outcomes are based on a clear understanding of the targeted health behaviours and the environmental context in which they occur. Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) has been successfully used by various health promotion programs to improve the well being of target populations. It is a systematic and well-planned process that motivate people to adopt and sustain health promoting behaviours and lifestyles.

IDEAL Public Health and Development Consultancy (IPHDC), has planned a five-day training aimed at improving the capacity of service providers, planners and decision makers of health-oriented programs to establish responsive Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) programs.

When is the training?

25th to 29th November 2019

Who should attend this training?

Program managers and officers of health-oriented programs.

What are the key aspects of the training?

  • Introduction to Behaviour Change Communication (BCC).
  • Understanding dynamics of health and human behaviour.
  • Understanding audiences for BCC through needs assessment.
  • Strategic design and planning of BCC program.
  • Developing and pretesting messages and communication materials.
  • Implementing and monitoring BCC program.
  • Evaluating the impact of BCC programs.

What is the main training objective?

To build the capacity of trainees for improving health outcomes through targeted communication strategies aimed at positive behaviour change among key populations.

What learning approach and language will be used in the training?

A balanced combination of various adult-learning facilitation paradigms will be used including exploratory learning, group discussions, plenary brainstorming, facilitator’s input, case studies and video documentaries among others. The entire training will be facilitated in English.However, if need be French translation can be provided.

For more information, send an email to or call+254 (20) 2345572.

Fee information:
The training cost is US$ 550 which will cover the tuition fees, learning materials, meals and refreshments at the training venue. We are willing to arrange for your accommodation upon request however, the cost will be borne by the participants.
How to register:

Interested individuals should complete our Course Application Form and submit it to before Wednesday 20th November 2019.