A Dream in the Desert? Fundraising from the Gulf Donors

from Philantropia
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Have you heard about the record-breaking grants and significant support of the Gulf Donors? Their announcements have been making the headlines and the amounts of money involved have caught the attention of many NGO practitioners and social enterprises.

But, like so many colleagues all over the world, you are likely wondering who they really are, how they work, what the risks involved in working with them are, and most importantly—would your organization likely ever be able to get a grant from them.They do not operate in the same ways as many of the traditional, public sector donors, and finding information about them is often difficult.

While the potential rewards are high, the time and effort involved in getting their attention and making a successful application to them is significant.Many NGOs and social enterprises have simply given up trying. In this course, we will be sharing some of the knowledge we have gained with helping clients to access funding from these donors and provide you with some effective strategies at making your organization an attractive grant applicant.

The Gulf donors are not appropriate for all NGOs, but for those who are able to position themselves well, a grant from them can be an organization-transforming event. Even if your organization will not pursue funding from the Gulf Donors, the new skills and perspectives contained in this course will be valuable to improving your fundraising.

When you take this certificate online course, you will learn:

  • Who the Gulf Donors are and what their priorities are
  • How you can approach them
  • How you can network with them
  • How you can establish a fruitful relationship with them
  • How you can ultimately decide if the Gulf Donors would be a good fit for your organization

Join us to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the Gulf Donors from an expert who has worked with them frequently in the past!

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