International Training of Trainers on Knowledge Management

from Asian Resource Foundation
Registration deadline: 30 Nov 2019 Training date: 20 Dec 2019 to 22 Dec 2019 More Information

This course is relevant for professionals engaged in information and knowledge management, change management, project and programme planning, M&E and learning, communications and organisational development. No prior Knowledge Management experience is needed.

Find out how your organisation can learn from its people and its experiences to become more innovative, responsive and strategic:

• Development of Knowledge Information System.

• Develop a culture that harnesses the know-how and experience of your people.

• Make knowledge accessible to everyone who needs it, by building knowledge sharing (KS) into everyday operations through system development

• Use knowledge management (KM) to achieve and support your strategic objectives. Innovative, responsive and strategic:

What you will learn

Through a mix of practical activities, theory and case study examples you will learn how to:

• Advocate for effective knowledge sharing

• Foster an enabling environment within your own organisation that encourages knowledge sharing

• Conduct a knowledge management assessment of your organization

• Apply knowledge sharing tools and techniques in practice

• Develop a knowledge management strategy to institutionalise KM practices within your organization case study examples you will learn how to:

Daily Course Objectives

Subject to change to reflect participants’ needs.

Day 1: Fundamentals

• Understand the fundamentals and key concepts of knowledge management

• How to make a case for knowledge management

• How to make a case for knowledge management Fundamentals

• Explore the role of KM in an organisation

• Identify where KM is situated in your organisation

• Establish a framework and components for developing your knowledge management strategy throughout the course.

• Understand the cultural and behavioural elements of knowledge management

• Develop Knowledge Management Structure for MIS

Day 2

• Deploy and Test Knowledge Information Management MIS System of NGOs Programmes.

• Explore how to develop a conducive environment for knowledge sharing and overcoming challenges

• Learn how to make the best use of organisational assessments. Understanding context and taking stock examine supply and demand for knowledge

• Capture and generate meaningful lessons learned

• Recognise and maximise learning opportunities in the project cycle

• Pool good practice examples. Actively learning from feedback loops

Day 3

• Explore and apply knowledge sharing techniques and processes

• Share current examples of ICT and social media

• Identify and work with knowledge champions. Pure KM tools and supporting practices

• Validate components of your KM strategy with peer support

• Share insights for overcoming challenges and recognising success in KM in your organisation. Knowledge management strategy

• Develop steps for a knowledge management strategy

Fee information:
USD 350 for Professional Special Discount for Groups and Students
How to register:

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