USAID Contract Management for NGOs - An Introduction: Johannesburg, South Africa

from Humentum
Registration deadline: 10 Nov 2019 Training date: 11 Nov 2019 to 13 Nov 2019 More Information

This course is designed to stimulate critical thinking about and effective decision making for USAID contract implementation. If your organization is new to contracts, or if you are a prime contractor partnering with NGOs that are new to contracts, this workshop will give you key insights into deciding strategically whether or not to bid on contracts, how to conduct a thorough review of the Request for Proposal, and where your organization may be at risk. Facilitated by experts in a highly participatory manner, this course delivers the knowledge and the tools you need to effectively administer USAID contracts as well as contracts issued by other US Federal agencies.

Fee information:
$1380 / $1200 (Humentum members)