Field Based Security Focal Point Training (Taught Course, delivered online)

from Acceptance International
Registration deadline: 15 Oct 2019 Training date: 16 Dec 2019 to 06 Jul 2020

Acceptance International (AI)

Acceptance International provides support to Humanitarian Organisations that are programming in challenging and hostile environments.

Field Based Security Focal Point Training (Taught Course, delivered online

The course of study will provide Interactive and Participatory training, online delivered from a remote location to Security Focal Points based in the following countries.

(Asia) Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia

(South America) Haiti, Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala,

(Africa) Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, DR Congo, South Sudan

Each session shall provide approximately 15 - 30 National and International staff with capacity building training.

Staff should be aware and prepared to receive such training, and sufficient time allowed for them to continue to program whilst simultaneously being provided training.

From experience, staff are usually unwilling to commit more than 2 days per week to training.

Training Delivery Practical Methodology:

The training schedule is as follows.


  1. IIA.1 Humanitarian Principles and International Humanitarian Law

  2. IIA.2 Roles and Responsibilities

  3. IIA.3 Security Risk Management Framework

  4. IIA.4 Programming, Policy, Operations, and Security

  5. IIA.5 Situational Analysis - Using Security Tools

  6. IIA.6 Risk Assessments

  7. IIA.7 Risk Reduction Strategies

  8. IIA.8 Standard Operating Procedures and Contingency Planning

  9. IIA.9 Supporting Incident and Crisis Management

  10. IIA.10 Incident Reporting and Analysis

  11. IIA.11 Stress Management

  12. IIA.12 Security Stakeholders

  13. IIA.13 Consultative Processes

  14. IIA.14 Cultural, Gendered and Personal Considerations

  15. IIA.15 Leadership and Management

  16. IIA.16 Managing Guards and Drivers

  17. IIA.17 Travel Safety and Security

  18. IIA.18 Travel and Movement Tracking

  19. IIA.19 Site Security

  20. IIA.20 Information Management and Security

  21. IIA.21 Security Briefings and Orientation

  22. IIA.22 Health and Safety

  23. IIA.23 Practical Issues in Implementing Security

  24. IIA.24 Monitoring Security on a Daily Basis

  25. IIA.25 Practical Issues in Updating Security Information and Planning

  26. IIA.26 Practical Issues in Building Acceptance


  1. IIA.28 Working with Armed Protection and Private Security Companies
  2. IIA.29 Civil-
    Military Relations at the Operational Level

  3. IIA.30 Hostile Observation Awareness

  4. IIA.31 Communicating and Working with Senior Management

  5. IIA.32 Saving Lives Together

Fee information:
US $720.00 for the 28-week taught, online program, with 5 recess weeks. US $100.00 pre-payment deposit is required, with the balance to be paid prior to beginning the period of study A certificate will be issued on successful completion of the program and assigned homework tasks. A Letter of attendance will be provided to attendees of the program.
How to register:

Email: for futher information and details of course of study.