Master in Humanitarian Action and Protection of the Individual (HAPI)

from Università Roma Tre
Registration deadline: 21 Oct 2019 Training date: 21 Nov 2019 to 30 Jun 2020 More Information

The master in Humanitarian Action and Protection of the Individual (HAPI) is a multidisciplinary postgraduate programme bespoken for professionals working, or eager to work, in the humanitarian sector. Through this programme, participants will acquire specific academic skills and practical knowledge on the key sectors of a humanitarian intervention. The programme devotes specific attention to communication in emergency contexts and addresses also the psychological and social aspects of working in the field.


During the programme students will:

Become familiar with the sectors of intervention and the role of International and local organizations, UN agencies, medias and governments during an emergency;

Analyse the Project Cycle and the different aspects of a project’s implementation;

Learn to examine conflicts and forced migration through the analysis of the current political and social circumstances;

Gain specific knowledge on how to manage an emergency programme;

Learn and appreciate the importance of the medias, specific communication departments and the parties involved in a humanitarian intervention;

Acquire the tools to better understand the social context of intervention.

Fee information:
3,800 euros for the whole course
How to register:

Visit our website and check-out the form