Humanitarian IED Clearance Course

from PCM Group, Mine Action & Training Mondial Kosovo
Registration deadline: 14 Sep 2019 Training date: 14 Oct 2019 to 01 Nov 2019 More Information

MAT Kosovo, The IMAS Training Specialists.

This course is for those who are already IMAS EOD Level 3 qualified and would, due to enhancing their skill set, like to have a more in-depth knowledge on the way IEDs and booby traps are built and triggered. To enable those in attendance a technical knowledge in searching for and clearing the threat caused by IEDs.

On successful completion of the course, you will have acquired the requisite knowledge, skills & attitude necessary to perform IED search and clearance tasks both in urban and rural environments.

We assist our students obtain their Kosovar visa if they need a visa to enter Kosovo. Please note that if you require a visa to enter Kosovo we need to receive the deposit for attendance by the 13th September 2018 in order to have your visa application processed in time.

Included in the syllabus

  1. What is C-IED: The definition of C-IED and the techniques employed to protect whilst carrying out work routines
  2. IED Threat: Generic IED threat brief identifying non-state armed group TTP’s and the transfer and migration of IED’s
  3. IED Components: To identify the components used in the construction of IED, whilst carrying out search operations
  4. IED Attack Categories: The types of attack available to a non-state armed group such as physical attack, shoots, hoax & IED’s, also identifying vulnerable locations
  5. Live Fire Demonstration: A live firing of various types of IED to witness target effects
  6. Base Location Security: Layered security for base locations to include attacks by Person-Borne IED’s (PBIED)/Suicide Vehicle IED’s (SVIED), Under Vehicle IED’s (UVIED) & Indirect Fire (IDF)
  7. Principles of Vehicle Movement: The planning of vehicle movement in threat environments to include, predictability, Dispersal, protection, Communications, incident response, Breakdown/recovery and actions on
  8. Incident Response Plans: What actions to be carried out in the event of discovering an item of ERW, a find of Bomb Making Equipment (BME), introducing 5C’s Operations
  9. Ground Sign Awareness: Absence of the normal & presence of the abnormal
  10. Vulnerable Points (VP)/Areas (VA): The definition of a VP and introducing C.A.G.E (Channeled, Aiming Markers, Ground, Environment)
  11. C-IED Search Equipment: The inspection, fault finding, set up and use of search equipment used on the course
  12. Vehicle & Person Search: The techniques and equipment are used to conduct searches of both vehicles and persons
  13. Response to a Find & 5C’s Operation: The responses and immediate drills to be carried out in the event of finding an item of ERW, the discovery of BME or an IED
  14. The venue, Building and Rummage Searches: The planning, execution and conduct of various types of searches along with the additional hazards these searches present. The equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to undertake searches.
  15. Route Search: Planning and conduct of a route search identifying the route plan, imagery, intelligence and identification of VP’s
  16. Exercises Covering All Search & C-IED subjects: Comprehensive practical exercises in differing environments and areas to simulate C-IED Operations
  17. Task Planning & Management: Detailed search & C-IED planning and Task Management exercises
Fee information:
The course fee is €6,398.00 and includes all training, training materials, equipment, certification, accommodation, all meals, transfers between Pristina airport and MAT Kosovo and an IMAS EOD Operators Package.
How to register:

To register please visit our website, send us an email to or contact us via Skype at PCM ERW