Webinar: Exploring protection challenges in humanitarian logistics

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On Wednesday, 3 July, PHAP in partnership with the Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA) organized a webinar exploring the topic of protection in humanitarian logistics, aiming to clarify key protection issues that should be of direct concern with respect to humanitarian logistics and related functions.

The event featured speakers representing a wide range of perspectives. Will Holden, Managing Director of the Emergency Logistics Team, provided an overview of protection issues faced by logistics practitioners. Tikhwi Muyundo, Castelbarco Capacity Building Consultants and Africa Regional Representative, Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA), shared her perspectives on protection issues related to how logistics is carried out. Valerie Craigie, Supply Chain and Communications Consultant, described her findings from a study on protection issues and gender-based violence in logistics and camp management. Pierre Gentile, former Head of the Protection Division at the ICRC and currently working as a consultant, shared his perspectives as a protection specialist on the protection issues that the other speakers had raised.

Target audience and event access

The event is targeted to humanitarian logistics professionals, protection specialists, and generalist humanitarian practitioners with an interest in protection and/or logistics.

Recommended resources

Although there is currently limited guidance available specifically for protection and logistics, here are a few useful resources:

For overall guidance on protection:

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Watch the recordings at https://phap.org/PHAP/Events/OEV2019/OEV190703.aspx