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Project Management for Executives

from Strathmore University
Registration deadline: 24 May 2019 Training date: 03 Jun 2019 to 07 Jun 2019 More Information

The Project Management programme is designed to equip participants with modern skills of handling projects, considering the changing role of Project Management on the organisation's Strategy, Processes and as such affecting effectiveness and efficiency.

The course is designed to impart Knowledge and insights on Project Management and new Project Management trends will be explored. The impact of change, risk, and technology on project planning and implementation will be discussed. Participants will use industry case studies and as such relate theory to practical issues in managing successful projects.

The key areas of coverage will include but not limited to;

· The link between Strategy and Project Management

· Project Management and its impact on an organisation’s processes and systems

· Project Management in the Technology era

· Stakeholder management, Communication and resource management during the different project cycles.

Fee information:
Cost: USD 950 / Kshs. 95, 000 - Covers Course Material, Meals and Certification