Master in International Health (MIH) Spring Start

from Royal Tropical Institute
Registration deadline: 04 Jan 2020 Training date: 09 Mar 2020 to 03 Sep 2021 More Information

Master in International Health

The Master in International Health (MIH) aims to develop the capacity of health professionals to work at the interface of international organizations and national health systems. Because you can design your own program, the MIH prepares you optimally for your desired field of work – whether that be child health, HIV and AIDS, maternal health, disaster settings, research, health policy, human resources or another area. The program can be completed within 1 to 5 years, depending on your availability. The MIH is organized by the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).

Objectives The MIH provides health professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to deal with current challenges effectively. The MIH aims to enable you to understand and analyse international health issues, conduct applied research, and develop adequate and appropriate responses in a global context. An international health expert should be able to:

• Identify and critically analyse key factors and forces, including international changes, shaping the health of populations in low and middle income countries. • Identify and appraise the challenges, threats and opportunities to health care delivery arising from globalization. • Formulate effective and appropriate responses to complex international practice and policy issues. • Communicate effectively across disciplines, sectors and national boundaries and with professionals and clients at all different levels of the health system and related institutions. • Identify research needs, commission research and critically analyse and use research results. • Work professionally, critically reflect and continuously seek to enhance personal and organizational learning.

Participants If you are a health professional (for example medical doctor, nurse, midwife) and you wish to develop/ boost your career in international health, this course is designed for you.

Registration: Early registration is adviced for applicants from outside the Netherlands, as organising accommodation, residence permits can be lengthly.

Course dates: The course starts twice a year in September and in March.

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Fee information:
This Master’s in International Health is a flexible programme, allowing for full-time or part-time study. Full-time student finishing within 1 year (when starting core course in September) or part-time finishing within 1,5 year (when starting the core course in March; the offer of advanced modules is limited in the period September-December, thus not allowing to finish within one year) or within 5 years. Course fee full-time: EUR 11.140 (2020) Course fee part-time (finishing within 5 years): EUR 11.760 (2020) This price includes the core course tuition fee, course materials, tutoring for the thesis and advisory services for the duration of the programme. The price does not include: - fees for advanced modules, taken at KIT or elsewhere - visa fee - living expenses and housing - transportation costs - insurance - other incidental expenses
How to register:

For more information and to apply in our online application system visit:

The arrangement of financial support to cover all study costs is the responsibility of the applicant. Please note that KIT does not offer financial support.

Unfortunately there are no OKP scholarships available for the Netherlands Course on Global Health and Tropical Medicine (the NTC is the core course of the MIH / Master in International Health).

Summary practical information:

Course dates: The MIH core course is offered twice each year, starting in September and March. Upcoming dates for the core course in 2020: 9 March 2020, and 7 September 2020
Duration: 1 year (FT); up to 5 years (PT)
KIT Application deadline other funding: 2 months before start of course (in case the participant needs visa: 3 months!)
ECTS: 60
Location: KIT, Amsterdam (and optionally elsewhere in Europe)
Language: English
Fee full time: EUR 11.140 (2020)
Part time student finishing within 5 years and Fee part time: EUR 11.760 (2020)
(this fee covers the course fee and study material. It does not include any other costs incurred like travel costs, insurance, visa, accommodation, daily expenses and others)