Certificate of Advanced Studies in Strategic and Scenario Planning for Humanitarians

from Università della Svizzera italiana
Registration deadline: 22 Nov 2019 Training date: 01 Dec 2019 to 07 Dec 2019 More Information


Build your capacity in managing stakeholders who work toward common goals. Acquire techniques to establish agreement around intended outcomes, assessing and adjusting the organization’s direction in response to a changing environment.


• Beer Distribution Game

• Research Methods

• Strategic Planning

• Scenario Planning

Core Competencies

• Logistics Data Management

• Business Intelligence and Reporting

• Assets Management

• Risk Management

• Forecasting

• Collaborative Planning

• Customer Service Desk

• Inventory Management

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this CAS you will be able to:

• Conduct stakeholder analyses to articulate and critique your organization’s mission, vision, and values

• Analyse your organization’s external environments, including assessing possible consequences of current trends

• Perform internal analyses of your organization, focusing on resources and capabilities and make actionable recommendations, informed by your analyses, to help your organization be more effective in articulating and implementing its strategy

• Create a plan for engaging relevant stakeholders on work related to one of your organization’s strategic objectives

• Construct scenarios scalable to any organizational need

• Define a strategic project’s objectives and strategy

• Evaluate alternative projects for resource allocation

• Understand basic and most important knowledge for conducting empirical research

• Use and interpret multivariate methods and results, such as quantitative and qualitative research methods


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Fee information:
The total tuition cost of the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Strategic and Scenario Planning is CHF 5'000. Travel expenses, visa fees, and accommodation are not included in the tuition.
How to register:

Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis until all places are filled. Students requiring a visa for Switzerland are strongly urged to apply as early as possible. The visa process can take up to 3 months.

Forms and information can be found at: