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Free webinar: Best Practices in Partnering with USAID

from Beit Al Karma Consulting
Registration deadline: 28 Mar 2019 Training date: 28 Mar 2019 More Information

US Agency for International Development (USAID) is one of the largest bi-lateral development aid funding agencies in the Middle East and North Africa. USAID is facing a number of challenges and priorities, including internal USAID transformation and / or reorganization in one hand, sectoral and project’s delivery mechanisms, aid effectiveness and value-for-money on the other hand.

The webinar will present and discuss issues such as What are the current opportunities to pursue with USAID? What do businesses and organizations need to know in order to succeed as a prime contractor or sub-contractor on USAID funded projects? How can you track USAID projects and engage successfully with potential prime contractors as early as possible? What are the common characters that distinguish the working culture and identity of USAID’s contractors?

This webinar is suitable for consulting business and non-governmental organizations which are looking to design and implement development projects funded by USAID in the Middle East.

This one-hour webinar will cover:

  • Introduction to USAID procurement process, type of contracts and agreements
  • Overview of current and coming up tenders and grants opportunities in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Yemen among other MENA regional programs
  • Who are the main USAID’s contractors to Partner with?
  • Best practices in subcontracting work with USAID’s Prime Contractors: prime and sub-contracting strategy

We will save time at the end of the webinar for audience questions. However, you may submit questions ahead of the event to