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Theory of Change training, Johannesburg

from Southern Hemisphere Consultants
Registration deadline: 16 Aug 2019 Training date: 03 Sep 2019 to 04 Sep 2019 More Information

Theory of Change is a tool that describes a process of planned change, from the assumptions that guide its design, the planned interventions and outcomes to the longer-term impacts it seeks to achieve. This 2-day workshop introduces Theory of Change as both a product and a process. You will get to work through the process of developing a Theory of Change for the case study that you are working on. Also, see how Theory of Change can be derived from other processes such as logical framework approach.

The objective of this course is to familiarise people with Theory of Change as both a product and a process.

The course's aim is to increase the capacity of the development sector to deliver project outcomes, to be able to measure and evaluate these outcomes and to utilise learnings for programme improvement.


  • Having completed the course the participant will:
  • Have Theory of change (TOC) as a product and a process
  • Know why TOC has become so prominent
  • Know how TOC, logic models, logframes etc. relate to one another
  • Understand the importance of being clear about why change happens – linking pathways of change to programme theories
  • Understand how assumptions and pre-conditions build your pathways to change

A free webinar will be scheduled a month before this training.

Fee information:
R 5,400 ZAR which includes 2 days of training, course materials, certificate, tea breaks and lunch during training
How to register:

To register, please contact Pippa on