Droit de l'Homme - ENTRi Off-The-Shelf Training Package (French)

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Crisis management and peacebuilding missions rely on the availability of well-prepared individuals. The training packages are available for free and contain core information and materials that will help strengthen or refresh the knowledge and skills of training organisers and subject-matter experts delivering or implementing trainings worldwide.

The packages can be edited and adapted according to need and local context. They include tested methodologies and learning objectives that captured past lessons learned of training providers. A dedicated ENTRi working group on package development was created for the task, consisting of eight members, all of which are experienced training institutes.

You will get access to:

  • a Human Rights Facilitator's Guide
  • Comprehensive HR course presentation slides
  • Sample In and Out Tests

How to register

This training package has been developed to provide a sustainable and free resource to trainers and subject matter experts worldwide. Just click here for the English version.
Alternatively, click on the download button on the ENTRi packages website, fill out a short anonymous questionnaire and proceed to the download.