Integration of victims of trafficking: a roadmap for professionals

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About the webinar:

We hosted a webinar to present the results of the work carried out by the Council of Baltic Sea States in collaboration with the International Center for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) as part of the TRAM project (Trafficking along Migration Routes to Europe Bridging the Gap between Migration, Asylum and Anti-Trafficking).

The special focus of this one-hour long discussion is the integration of victims of trafficking that were part of the refugee and migrants who arrived in Europe between 2015 and 2018. Speakers will elaborate on a Road map for integration of the victims of trafficking among migrants in Finland, Germany, and Sweden designed during the course of the project. The webinar also features an intervention from the Bulgarian National Anti-trafficking Commission in relation to their work under a Swiss Bulgarian cooperation programme, which fostered the integration of victims of trafficking in Bulgaria. This is an excellent opportunity for participants to understand the challenges and opportunities that can be identified, seized or overcome in fostering the integration or the reintegration of victims of trafficking.

This is the second session in the TRAM webinar mini-series. We hosted the first one earlier this year, where speakers discussed the research results of the study “Trafficking along migration routes to Europe: Bridging the Gap between Migration, Asylum and Anti-Trafficking”, with a particular focus on unaccompanied and separated children travelling to Europe along the Western Balkans route. Click here to check-out the recording of the first session!

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