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Thematic Short Course: Chronic Diseases and the Humanitarian Response

from CERAH - the Geneva Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action
Registration deadline: 17 May 2019 Training date: 03 Jun 2019 to 07 Jun 2019 More Information

Our Programme

Humanitarian staff are often confronted with chronic diseases, particularly when crises hit populations from middle-income countries and in urban settings. However, as programmatic responses are relatively recent, there is a lack of trained and experienced staff. To fill this gap, CERAH offers a one-week intensive course on chronic diseases in humanitarian contexts.

This course is developed jointly with MSF, WHO, ICRC and UNHCR. It provides mid-level and senior managers with the knowledge and skills required to understand the particular challenges presented by chronic diseases in emergency and/or unstable settings.

Our Institution

CERAH is a joint Centre of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) and the University of Geneva (UNIGE) - a unique and innovative academic platform for humanitarian action.

CERAH has been contributing for the past 20 years to the development of the reflection in humanitarian action, both through education and research.

CERAH offers post-graduate dual degrees IHEID - UNIGE (Master, Diploma and Certificate of Advanced Studies) for humanitarian professionals as well as short thematic courses (TSC).

CERAH's programmes address to mid-level humanitarian professionals. They focus on providing them with in-depth understanding of both conceptual and operational questions of humanitarian action.
They gather a rich community of students, mainly coming from countries affected by humanitarian crises.

In addition to its training courses, CERAH is also contributing - through research projects - to the critical analysis and thinking of the humanitarian concepts, policies and practices in order to improve the humanitarian responses.

Fee information:
Total fees: CHF 1500.- Candidates who have paid Geneva taxes for at least one year may be able to apply for a "chèque de formation" (Education support) which amounts to a maximum of CHF 750.
How to register:

For more information or to enroll, please check this link