Advocacy Skills Training

from Coalition for Peace in Africa
Registration deadline: 30 Aug 2018 Training date: 03 Sep 2018 to 07 Sep 2018 More Information


The training is aimed at empowering the participants with advocacy skills so that they can be able to identify and advocate for issues that are of interest in their programmes/projects. Participants will be able to get a wider understanding of the principles, strategies and techniques of effective advocacy campaigns. Various advocacy activities that can be used in participant’s contexts will be explored. Some of these will include lobbying, flyers, newsletters, negotiations, poster campaigns, talk shows, public forums among others.

Through the training, participants will be able to identify and prioritize critical local and national advocacy issues and themes that are pertinent to their programmes. They will also be able to get a better understanding on what effective advocacy entails and how their agendas can gain support at the implementing levels.

At the end of the training, the expectations are that the participants will be able to draw up advocacy strategies at their projects levels and will also be able to execute, monitor and evaluate the same.


  1. Understanding Advocacy: The session will be an introduction to what advocacy really is and what it entails at different levels of society including strategies that the participants can employ at the different levels.

  2. Advocacy and society: This session will help the participants to get a better understanding of the various entry levels that they can use to launch their advocacy work in society

  3. Roles and qualities of an advocate: This session will cover the good practices of an advocate including their roles and the skills they need to have in order to be successful

  4. The Advocacy Cycle; The session will introduce participants to the cycle of activities that take place in an advocacy campaign.

  5. Building alliances: Effective advocacy works requires that we work with others in our campaigns. The session will help participants to gain skills of how to identify their allies at the different levels

  6. Grassroot mobilization: This session will provide the participants with the skills necessary to gain support and following at the level of project implementation

  7. Lobbying policy and decision makers: Advocacy goes hand in hand with lobbying the right people to help push an identified agenda. This session will enable the participants get a better understanding on how to work with the change makers.

  8. Monitoring and evaluating advocacy initiatives: This session will take participants through the process of how to assess their advocacy initiatives to know if they are successful or not and to also get a better understanding of what needs to change.

Fee information:
Full board accommodation at the training centre: $ 500 (covers accommodation at the training centre from Sunday 2nd September to Saturday 8th @1000 hours. Tuition: $800 (covers airport pickup and drop offs, certificate of participation and the training resources) Kindly note all payments should be made before the commencement of the training and can be done by either cheque payable to the Coalition for Peace in Africa (only for Kenyan organizations) or by direct bank transfers (for international participants) (please ask for banking details).
How to register:

Kindly send your completed application form to