Monitoring and Evaluation for Humanitarians

from Zoe Talent Solutions
Registration deadline: 31 Jul 2018 Training date: 02 Sep 2018 to 06 Sep 2018 More Information

All humanitarian organizations strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of responding to all kinds of emergencies and the complexities that arise with each. Not only do all emergencies come with complexities of different types but also require timely interventions to deliver a maximum impact. Hence, careful monitoring of all the processes from strategizing to decision making and implementation of changes on the ground is very important. Followed by evaluation, which helps to ensure accountability for all parties that are involved, and hence delivers learnings that can be carried for helping streamline future endeavors.

This course is carefully designed by involving experts with extensive knowledge of the domain to help deliver and enhance the competencies needed to monitor and evaluate interventions in and around humanitarian and development contexts.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and define the concepts and purposes of monitoring and evaluation.
  • Accurately describe roles and responsibilities for monitoring and evaluation.
  • Plan and design frameworks for monitoring and evaluation systems, in context with the situation they are dealing with.
  • Identify appropriate monitoring and evaluation techniques and tools in the given context.
  • Develop a strategic plan for implementing a monitoring and evaluation system.

Who Should Attend?

Programme officers, managers, coordinators, M&E officers, and supervisors who are involved in monitoring and evaluation activities.

Fee information:
The Fee for this 5 days course is $3950. You can register 4 participants as a group and pay only for 3. Customized training outline, location, and dates are also offered for group registrations.
How to register:

Please visit the course page on our website and use the register options: Monitoring and Evaluation for Humanitarians Course Page