Field Exposure cum Capacity Building program in "Community Driven Development"

from Bala Vikasa
Registration deadline: 25 Aug 2018 Training date: 03 Sep 2018 to 27 Sep 2018 More Information

Imparting Knowledge, Enhancing Skills and Changing Attitudes


Bala Vikasa, a professional, innovative, secular and non-profit Community Development organization working in 6 states of South India and reaching 6000 villages every year impacting more than 6 million people through different programs. The core methodologies and sustainable practices implemented by Bala Vikasa leaves enormous and community owned sustainable results and is evolving as “Sustainable Community Development Model” in India.

Bala Vikasa shares over 42 years of experience through Bala Vikasa People Development Training Center (PDTC) - "Center of Excellence" in Community Development, by designing training programs and conducting training programs to Development professionals, bureaucrats, community leaders, activists and development students across the globe. 66 countries across the globe have participated these training's, enhanced their development knowledge and replicate the learning’s back home creating sustainable models.

Field exposure visits inspire and build confidence among the participants. The reality situations make them feel connected, relevant and replicate in their ground back home to achieve sustainable results.

The core methodologies and development strategies used at Bala Vikasa at an individual, community and organisational level form a crucial base for the CDD training program.


  1. To impart new knowledge in community driven sustainable development with field exposures to community driven development models in the ground in the streams of Women, Water, Health, Education and Model villages

  2. To enhance skills in applying the learnt theory in practice upon their return

  3. To bring a change in attitudes and mind sets that development is not NGO driven but community driven


Interactive theoretical sessions, Video, case study analysis, field exposures

Who can attend:

Development Practitioners, Development professionals, Development students pursuing their education in Social development, Rural development, International development and community development

Any individual with a passion to work for the upliftment of the society

Fee information:
USD 730 INR 50000 Includes Food and Accommodation and Exposure Visits cost
How to register:

Send your applications to