Better Development: A Justice Approach

from United Edge Services LTD
Registration deadline: 09 Jul 2018 Training date: 10 Jul 2018 to 12 Jul 2018 More Information

We're excited to announce that this training is being co-hosted by Fight Hunger Foundation/Action Against Hunger India.

Our three-day workshop will revolutionize the way you work on social change issues, development, and humanitarian work both professionally and personally. You will develop the skills to think critically about the systemic challenges facing our sector and wider society and your role in solving them.

We will develop you as a leader and make you more effective in bringing about positive change.

Justice and rights are the cornerstone of social change, development and humanitarian work. With a Justice Based Approach, we reflect on why, after 25 years of rights-based approaches, inequality, environmental destruction and discrimination are bigger challenges than ever before. During the workshop, we take the most cutting-edge approaches one step further by addressing significant gaps in ‘the way things are done’ and improving our effectiveness for change. We will develop your ability to ask challenging questions and share tools with you that will transform the way you design programmes, lead your teams and live your life.

Our workshops are participatory, innovative and proven to be incredibly impactful. Join us!

What: During the workshop, we will critically challenge many intentions and assumptions about methodology and practice in the following areas:

  • Strategic Leadership

  • Programme Design

  • Participatory Approaches

  • System Analysis

  • Privilege and Power

  • Rights Based Programming

  • Learning and M&E

  • Ethics and Accountability

We will also explore a number of innovative and exciting practical approaches that you can apply to your work.

This workshop aims to challenge you, inspire you and give you the tools to lead social change, development and humanitarian work that is truly transformative.

Delivery: Daniel Bevan and Matthew Kletzing, Directors of United Edge, will be delivering the trainings.

In 2017, we trained 269 people from 127 organisations in a Justice Based Approach from across Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia and Timor Leste. After receiving a lot of requests, we have decided to return to Asia with a series of 10 more trainings in 2018. We will be returning to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia and Timor-Leste and bringing our workshop to Myanmar, Bangladesh, the Philippines, India and Nepal. See our website for full schedule.

Who: This training is designed for leaders and potential leaders of social and environmental change. It is aimed specifically at development and humanitarian agencies, as well as anyone who wants to make a difference. The training will be conducted in English.

Fee information:
$450 USD per participant. A 10% group discount is available for groups of 10 or more participants. Fees are per participant for the full three-day training. This includes lunch, refreshments, take-away resources and access to our online community of social change makers. All fees are due to be paid within 30 days of registration. Full and part-bursaries are available. Please get in touch for more information.
How to register:

Please register on our website at by clicking on the register button. The fee is due within one month of registration.