Online Post Graduate Course in Humanitarian Leadership and Management

from Strategia
Registration deadline: 25 Jun 2018 Training date: 01 Jul 2018 to 30 Jun 2019 More Information

Online Post Graduate Diploma in Humanitarian Leadership and Management

Deadline for Registration: 30th June 2018

Mode of Learning: Online Learning

Start Date: 1st July 2018 ;End Date: 30th June 2019 ( One year)

Course Duration: One Year (2 hours per day)

Strategia is an International management training organization that provides capacity building services in health, safety and security and in humanitarian actions.

Course Background

Humanitarian personnel experience tremendous challenges when managing teams to deliver humanitarian actions..To effectively manage humanitarian teams and realize the expected results especially in crisis or pressured situations, leadership and management skills become critical.

This course is designed and moderated by professional humanitarians with the objective of transforming the leadership offered by humanitarian organisations.Humanitarian Leadership examines the values, principles methodologies and challenges that underscore humanitarian operations.

The course goes beyond theory. Using real-life examples, the course is designed to empower national and international managers within the aid system so they can acquire skills to manage their teams and positively impact on communities and organizations involved in humanitarian operations.

Course Participants will be able to:

  • Promote humanitarian standards and principles in managing crisis situations
  • Develop capacity to work with humanitarian teams effectively
  • Acquire values expected of those working in humanitarian situations
  • Acquire tools for designing and effectively managing humanitarian programmes
  • Focus on results based approach in managing humanitarian operations
  • Communicate effectively in humanitarian and hostile environments

Learning Plan

  • Access to Course materials on E-Learning Platform
  • Online interaction with Course Moderator
  • Monthly assignments accounting for 70% of the final mark
  • Mid Term Examination Accounting for 10% of the final mark
  • Project Research Project
  • End of Course Examination Accounting for 20% of the mark
  • Certification

Course fee: Amount €1500

To register for this course, kindly contact:

The Training Manager

Strategia Netherlands

Fee information:
The course costs €1500 . This fee caters for course registration, e-learning moderation,, course materials, examination and certificate.
How to register:

To register for this course, kindly contact:

The Training Manager

Strategia Netherlands