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How to Be a Successful Evaluation Consultant - Online Course

This course centers on a crucial issue for evaluators and potential evaluators: how to be a successful evaluation consultant? You will have an opportunity to learn about business insights from the trainer who has effectively managed his consultancy for more than 15 years. Issues covered: How to set-up as an evaluation consultant and find your niche; How to find work, and to diversify and grow an evaluation consultancy; How to set rates and manage financial/legal aspects of your consultancy; How to write proposals for winning business; Efficient project/team management tools.

Our Students say:

I would recommend the course because you get a good insight into the evaluation business within a very short time span. The texts are written in a very easy understandable manner and contain practical tips to attract and retain customers. You get access to information you cannot find in any textbook on evaluation. | Anita Leutgeb, practice&research FOR DEVELOPMENT (independent consultant based in Austria)

I did not really have clear expectations for this course, but I knew that I was interested in starting a consultancy and I wanted to learn more. That said, I am so happy I took this course! It provided me with a very practical understanding of what it will take to start and maintain a consultancy. It will not be easy but, having it laid out in this way was very helpful! The examples from the instructor were useful and really rounded out the course. Also, the user interface is excellent and it made it easy to navigate from module to module. This course has a lot of good information for people interested in starting a consultancy but, I also learned things that will help me in my current role as an evaluator within an organization. Lastly, I think I have a better understanding of the perspective of evaluation consultants that are occasionally hired where I work. I would recommend this course to a fellow evaluator. | Christine Brignall, Program Evaluator, Public Health

I've been transitioning to being a consulting evaluator and been frustrated by the lack of information about how to manage the "business" side of consulting. This course helped in two ways: it confirmed that my instincts were often good, and it provided some details in client management that will greatly improve my future work conditions. Dr. O'Neill was very kind and very prompt in responding to my questions. | Linden Higgins, Education for Critical Thinking

The course consists of two parts, which can be taken together or separately.

Course Content

PART I: Strategic and Soft Skills

· Setting up an independent evaluation consultancy and finding your niche;

· Marketing channels and how to find work;

· Managing and retaining business – customer management and beyond;

· Delivering evaluation services effectively;

· Diversifying and growing your evaluation consultancy.

Part II: Management and Technical Issues

· Managing the crucial legal, tax and financial planning issues as an independent evaluation consultant;

· Writing effective proposals for winning business;

· Determining how much to charge: budgeting your consultancy and the project;

· Tools to support a more efficient management of evaluations;

· Managing teams, partners and clients.


Dr. Glenn O’Neil, an independent evaluation consultant. Over the past 10 years, Dr O’Neil has built up his boutique consultancy to carry out over 100 evaluations in over 50 countries for some 40 international organisations, NGOs, governments and foundations.


This online self-paced course uses a combination of methods comprised of reading materials, video lectures and practical exercises to ensure practicality of the knowledge acquired. Case studies are used throughout the course to ensure a hands-on approach and the development of practical skills. Some checklists and templates are provided as a “memo” to help the learner apply the lessons drawn from the course once back in her/his work context.




Enrol at your earliest convenience and start studying within 24h of registration. The course is self-paced, the trainer will provide you with a personalised support during the entire time it takes you to complete the course.

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We wish you to enjoy your studies!

Fee information

You can take either part separately or enrol in the full course.

Part I: US$425, Part II: US$475 Full course (Part I + II): US$825

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