Leadership and Management in International Development

from IMA International
Registration deadline: 08 Nov 2019 Training date: 11 Nov 2019 to 15 Nov 2019 More Information


Reach your potential

This Leadership and Management in International Development training course is dedicated to helping you to become an efficient and successful manager so that you can more efficiently influence and coordinate action with others. During the five days you put into practice all the theories that are covered, making it an incredibly practical course. If you can attend this training and later attend our M&E for Results 10 day course (within a 12 month period) you will receive our Certificate in International Development Management.

Why choose this course
Whether you are new or experienced manager, this course is for you if you either manage or lead a team, projects, programme, functional area or relate to varied stakeholders. We cover globally recognised management and leadership theories, tools and techniques and adapt them to your needs, putting each one into practice. You get to network and learn with others in the development sector, exercise new knowledge and skills on topics including influence, motivation and power analysis. Finally, you leave this leadership and management training course with a clear plan of how to apply what you have learnt, directly to your work.

What you will learn Through a mix of interactive facilitation,experiential activity and coaching you learn how to:

  • leverage your natural ability to lead and prioritise demands
  • understand your learning and leadership preferences and how to adapt them to others' needs
  • analyse your network and prepare for those new conversations that will make a difference
  • give and receive feedback
  • reflect on your own leadership style and presence.

Daily Course Objectives

Subject to change to reflect participants' needs.

Day 1

Setting yourself up for success

· the differences between leading and managing

· identify and prioritise demands - what is realistic?

· identify leadership styles

Day 2

Understanding the power of your relationships and the nature of your motivation

· stakeholder and network mapping

· examine motivation

· understand what motivates you and your network

Day 3

Developing individual and team performance

· linking motivation to skill

· holding conversations that matter

· the art of feedback

Day 4

What makes teams effective

· understanding the nature of teams

· characteristics of effective teams and team leaders

Day 5

Leading into the future

· examining power relations

· exploring leadership presence

· action planning.

What our participants say

"I came to participate in a programme and ended with receiving an exceptional gift: a voyage to improving and appreciating myself. Many thanks to IMA’s experts."
Armelle Le Theix, World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Switzerland

"This course put together some of the most important issues in management, it took me 10 years to realise which ones these were. So if you attend this course early in your career you will have an incredible start ahead."
Franco Scotti, Project Director, Swisscontact, Mozambique

"I recommend it to all development professionals looking to improve their skills in gathering people/teams around a common goal, presenting ideas and vision, successfully getting the best out of hosting meetings and achieving goals through working with people."
Golden Mwila, Director of Finance & Administration,Churches Health Association of Zambia

Meet the Trainer

"Watching both new and experienced managers on these courses, share knowledge and develop new skills has always fascinated me. Meeting many of them back at their workplace and talking through real experiences and challenges supported by our training is a great feeling."
Chris Grose, IMA Managing Director

Fee information:
£2350 which includes: tuition and one-to-one support throughout, a social and cultural programme including a dinner, training materials and memory stick of materials and light refreshments throughout.
How to register:

For more information please visit us at www.imainternational.com, email us on post@imainternational.com or call us on +44 (0) 1273 833030.

We also run this course as in-house training for organisations.