Crisis Communications and Media Management

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The ability to communicate during a crisis event, whether with internal stakeholders as part of verbal and written information sharing protocols, or to external stakeholders such as with media groups, will define both the ability for leaders to make knowledge led decisions, and to present the shop window of the organization in the most positive light to the media; and as such to the wider global community. This leadership training is designed to help those involved in crisis communications and media management to understand the critical importance of effective communications, and its role in allowing for informed decision making, and to avoid potential reputational damage through poor media engagement. This training brings together headquarters and locational management teams, across a wide community of practice, to ensure a unified approach to crisis communications and media management. Business PHR Credits (Functional Area 1): This course supports Human Resource professionals in developing, influencing and executing strategies for managing the expectations and needs of the organization, its employees and other stakeholders. The training establishes strategic relationships with key individuals who influence decision making, and enables more effective enterprise risk management through developing effective policies and procedures. This training also protects the organization from loss and liability, develops leadership concepts and applications, and supports risk management techniques. PLEASE REMEMBER - Some modules offer language subtitles. Click the 'CC' button on the video player controls to select your language. WEAK INTERNET – If you have limited bandwidth, please ensure you select the lowest quality setting under the gear icon in the video player controls.

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