Kidnap and Ransom Business Continuity Management

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Kidnap and ransom (including hostage) situations can have dramatic implications for an organization’s overall resiliency and ability to continue or recover business as leadership teams are drawn into what can be highly complex, emotive, impactful and protracted events. Kidnap and ransom events are not just able the safe and timely recovery of victims, these events encompass family liaison, insurance, legal, media, staff morale, external stakeholder and reputational considerations which if mishandled, can have long term and far reaching effects. This course helps leadership teams to understand the complexity of managing a kidnap or hostage situation, and how to work with contracted or impacted stakeholders to move through the response and management of the incident in a confident, professional and measured manner. Kidnap and hostage situations require an integrated management approach in order to meet the varied complexities of responding to such events. HR PHR Credits (Functional Area 6): This course supports Human Resource professionals in developing effective business continuity policies, plans and protocols, communicating and training the workforce on security and safety plans and policies, as well as business continuity and disaster recovery plans, manage workplace safety and security risks, and empower organizational incident and emergency response measures and associated plans. This training also protects the organization from loss and liability, develops leadership concepts and applications, and supports risk management techniques. PLEASE REMEMBER - Some modules offer language subtitles. Click the 'CC' button on the video player controls to select your language. WEAK INTERNET – If you have limited bandwidth, please ensure you select the lowest quality setting under the gear icon in the video player controls.

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