ChildHub and PROMISE webinar series: Adapting the Barnahus concept to local realities

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About the webinar:

Many countries in Europe are now moving quickly towards establishing, developing and expanding their Barnahus or similar services. As this momentum builds, the field of knowledge and experience is growing. The PROMISE Webinar Series extends an open invitation to join the discussions and exchanges within the European Barnahus Movement. During PROMISE 1, select professionals from around Europe were invited to participate at the PROMISE project exchange meetings. These meetings featured lectures, trainings and discussions on the key principles, standards, and challenges to consider when opening and operating a multi-disciplinary and interagency collaboration for child victims and witnesses of violence. In this Webinar Series, we revisited and expanded on topics covered in PROMISE 1 for a public audience. As part of this series, we aimed to discuss the Barnahus concept in general, the adaptability of the concept to local realities, and the Barnahus Quality Standards – which puts forth the underlying principles, specific activities and institutional arrangements that enable child-centred and effective, collaborative actions. The Webinar Series also dynamically responded to questions as they arose, offered scheduled chat rooms for select topics, and even shared best practices and lessons learned from the activities of the PROMISE 2 Project.

In our second webinar as part of this series, we compared how Barnahus Linköping, Sweden and the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb, Croatia work to achieve the Barnahus Quality Standards in their local contexts. Participants were encouraged to complement the presentation with information on the special ways they work. The result showcased existing innovations and inspired upcoming services to find the right solutions for their local contexts.

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About the speaker:

Anna M. Pettersson works as a coordinator at the Barnahus in Linköping, Sweden. The Barnahus started in 2005 and she has followed the Barnahus development from the very beginning, first as a representative in the working group and then, from 2012, as coordinator. She is a social worker and has earlier mainly been working with children and adolescents within social services. As a coordinator, she is also a member of different development groups, dealing for example with genital mutilation, violence in close relationships, and the importance of routines for children within the target group.

She holds lectures about routines and the process of the Barnahus Model, how to identify children at risk within the target group and what to do once the children have revealed something.

Gordana Buljan Flander (PhD) is a psychologist, psychotherapist and Director of the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb. She has been working with children for over 30 years and was amongst the first professionals in Croatia who recognized the importance of the issue of child abuse and neglect. In 1997 she founded the helpline for abused and neglected children; in 2002 she initiated the foundation of the Child Protection Center of Zagreb - the only health care institution specialized in working with traumatized children in Croatia.

Besides working directly with children and families, she is active as an academic and wrote 7 books and several scientific papers. She works as a lecturer on many universities and is Court Expert for psychology, conducting trainings in domestic, regional and international settings, sharing experiences with other professionals in Croatia and worldwide.

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