Practical methods and tools for the rapid design of hygiene programs in emergencies (WASH'Em)

from Action Contre la Faim France, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology
Registration deadline: 12 Jul 2018 Training date: 12 Jul 2018 to 13 Jul 2018 More Information

CAWST, LSHTM and ACF are facilitating a capacity development workshop on hygiene programme design in emergencies.

This session will provide humanitarian WASH practitioners with the knowledge and skills to improve hygiene programme design so that its more rapid, evidence-based and context specific.

Currently handwashing promotion in emergencies involves the distribution of soap, the building of handwashing facilities and the provision of education about disease transmission. Evidence shows that infrastructure and knowledge are insufficient to change behaviour. In this workshop, participants will apply a systematic theory-based process to design interventions which targets behavioural determinants. They will test this process through a rapid software-based format designed for emergency practitioners.

This workshop is part of the Wash'Em project. Find out more here:

How to register:

This training is part of the 41st WEDC Conference in Nakuru, Kenya. By registering to the full conference you will have access to the workshop.