Security Management Training

from Other Solutions Consulting
Registration deadline: 23 Apr 2018 Training date: 27 Apr 2018 to 28 Apr 2018 More Information

This training enables participants to manage, field mission or crisis in their area of operation with the aim to reach the most vulnerable population. Participants will be able to analyses the context they work in, identify security threats, produce SOPs as well as Contingency plans relevant and tailored to their own organization and work, and communicate to their field teams and back to their Head Office on both the security situation and progress on the implementation of their security framework.

This training was specifically designed for managers and above working in, or travelling to, the field, especially in high-risk, remote, or isolate environments. At the end of the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Analyse and monitor security threat and their respective level of risk.
  • Develop a hibernation and evacuation plan.
  • Produce and improve SOPs tailored to their organisation’s specific needs.
  • Know the different tools to be used to manage security.
  • Develop, organize and manage a security network of key informants and actors that could have an impact on the organisation’s security.
  • Report, analyse and follow up a security incident.
  • Identify security needs (both human resources and materials).
  • Provide a security briefing to any new person arriving in the country.
Fee information:
The cost per participant is $450. Discount available for local NGOs and any organisation booking 3 or more participants
How to register:

If you would like to book in or have more information please contact us at