Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) _ RedR Australia

from RedR Australia
Registration deadline: 13 Nov 2018 Training date: 14 Nov 2018 to 18 Nov 2018 More Information

Humanitarian workers are increasingly exposed to challenging, insecure, remote or hostile environments due to lawlessness, political instability and armed conflict, so there is a compelling need for them to be adequately prepared for any dangers they may encounter. Sexual harassment, interactions with aggressive armed combatants, day light robbery and traffic accidents are realistic threats for humanitarians and aid workers. All field workers should be adequately prepared for these events and be proficient in establishing and maintaining telecommunications, whether working in a safe or hostile situation. Conscious of the varying needs within the sector, RedR Australia seeks to address the concerns of a range of organisations and individuals and their insurance providers. These include relief, development, research and advocacy organizations, operational agencies and agencies that are not directly operational but provide support to community based organisations and locally based NGOs.

RedR Australia's HEAT course includes integrated Tactical Casualty Emergency Care (TECC) training by Real Response. Real Response will cover the theory and practical emergency medical training management of ballistic, penetrating and blast injuries as well as a range of airway management, triage, bandaging and self-care skills. Commercial and improvised bandaging and application of tourniquets will be taught, to ensure students leave with the ability to apply these lifesaving interventions in nearly any environment with limited resources.

Participants will receive a TECC Level 1 certificate issued through Real Response. The course content is recognised through Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (C-TECC).

Fee information:
ull Rate: $3,200 AUD Reduced Rate: $3,000 AUD Inclusions: All food, accommodation and training materials for 5 days and 4 nights. Travel not included. If you currently work for an NGO or are a member of our humanitarian roster (please supply your membership number), you are eligible for the reduced rate. Unless otherwise stated, all courses are residential and course fees are inclusive of meals, accommodation, training and materials, but not transport to and from the venue. Course fees are in Australian dollars. A non-refundable deposit of $400 (AUD) is payable at the time of enrollment to secure your place on a course. This payment must be made via credit card through our secure payment facility. Further instructions regarding course logistics will be provided upon payment of course fees.