Strategic Planning & Capacity Assessments

from TRUST Consultancy & Development
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Survival, growth and continuous improvement is a goal that individuals, organizations (government, NGO’s/CSO’s, private businesses) and societies pursue. While strategic planning defines the long-term objectives of an organisation, the course of action and the resources that need to be embraced to achieve these objectives, capacity assessment is a systematic method of analysing existing capacities against desired capacities to achieve future objectives.

Successful organizations, especially in the development and humanitarian sector, must strive to master the ability to leverage the complementary role of strategic planning and capacity assessments to achieve their goals. Having such abilities has grown more important within the increasingly difficult and complex operating environment.

This course will concurrently equip practitioners with the knowledge and skills required for effective strategic planning and for conducting on-going capacity assessments in a manner that assures organizational success.

Some of the modules to be covered in this course will include:

  • Delivering organizational change through strategic planning and capacity assessments;
  • Strategic planning as an organizational capacity assessment methodology;
  • Integrating strategic planning in an organizational capacity assessment process and the A-Z of designing a strategic plan for an organization;
  • Methodologies and tools for delivering strategic planning and capacity assessments;
  • Monitoring & evaluation of strategic plans and capacity assessments.

By the end of this workshop, participants will have:

  • Hands-on skills to successfully designing a strategic plan for an organization;
  • Broadened knowledge of strategic planning and capacity assessment concepts, tools, methodologies and approaches;
  • Built competences in strategic thinking and planning;
  • Developed skills for strategic planning and capacity assessment methodologies to achieve organizational transformation.

Intended Audience

This course targets foundation-middle skill professionals who require a sound understanding of strategic planning and capacity assessments to be more effective in the performance of their duties either in government, local research and development institutions, local and international nongovernmental organizations, networks, communities, academia and the private sector.

Course format

Face to face workshop with practical activities

Trainer: Manasseh Igyuh

Manasseh Igyuh is a Nigerian with over 20 years’ professional experience as facilitator and trainer to diverse client base including governments, non-profit organizations and the development consultancies. His professional areas of expertise have been built from experience managing responsibilities for strategy & planning, project management, human resources and organizational development, change management, security and staff safety, procurement and logistics management of international development organizations including Catholic Relief Services, WaterAid and Columbia University ICAP. Manasseh holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Master of Arts degree in International Affairs.

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