Sustainable investments in agriculture- module 1

from Strathmore University
Registration deadline: 15 Nov 2017 Training date: 27 Nov 2017 to 02 Dec 2017 More Information

Proposed topics include:

There remains a mismatch between the nutritional needs of Africa’s ever growing population, the vast opportunities available in the agricultural sector and our capability to leverage on them. Poor resource management, high costs of production, poor farming techniques and low budgetary allocations have continued to slow the growth of the agricultural sector. In order for us to unleash the potential of agriculture to provide solutions to the fundamental challenges of food insecurity and poverty, we must be ready to develop innovative solutions and increase the levels of investments into the sector.

As opportunities in the sector become increasingly attractive, private and public sector players need to become innovative in providing sustainable solutions, understand the legal and fiscal frameworks needed to support significant investments into the sector, and leverage on the advantages of collaborative partnerships such as shared expertise, pooling of resources and risk mitigation. Well-structured and managed agricultural projects have the potential to generate benefits to the individual, to the communities and to the regions, which can only be achieved through a significant investment of resources.

  • An introduction to sustainable agricultural investment
  • Value Chain Analysis - Dairy, Fruits & horticulture, cereals &pulses and meats value chains
  • Agricultural investment opportunities and the implications for sustainable development
  • Planning and management of agricultural projects
  • Developing robust legal and fiscal frameworks for agricultural projects
  • Managing conflicts: focus on land rights and tenure security
  • Financial modelling and financial management
  • Understanding and negotiation of equitable investment contracts
  • Monitoring and evaluation of agricultural investments
  • Managing resources and environmental and social impacts
  • Strategic planning and Development of SMART Action Plans Program Delivery
    Module I will involve a 5 day intensive exploratory tour of Israel, a major exporter of fresh produce and a world leader in agricultural technologies. It will involve study tours to a variety of well-established farms in Israel and participation in key lectures in established agricultural universities.
    Module II will be delivered through a series of highly interactive classroom sessions, facilitated by experts within the sector and highly qualified faculty. Farms to visit in Israel include:

  • Commercial Apiary

  • Commercial Dairy Farms

  • Mechanised horticultural farms

  • Improved seed factory

  • Greenhouse technologies

  • Israel - Kenya export linkages office

  • Mechanized poultry farms

  • Commercial beef farms
  • Post harvest management
  • Water irrigation systems
Fee information:
The fee is 4500 USD. This covers for a 5 day training in Israel and a 3 day training at Strathmore Business School.
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