Learning Stream on Humanitarian Coordination: The New Way of Working

In his report on the World Humanitarian Summit “One Humanity: Shared Responsibility”, the former UN Secretary-General proposed an Agenda for Humanity that would help to meet people’s immediate humanitarian needs - while at the same time reducing risk and vulnerability. This “new way of working”, adopted by eight UN humanitarian and development entities, aspires to work towards collective outcomes across the humanitarian and development community. Wherever possible, those efforts should reinforce and strengthen the capacities that already exist at national and local levels, whilst ultimately working towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

On 5 October, the fifth online session of PHAP’s and ICVA’s learning stream on humanitarian coordination focused on the New Way of Working. In this session, we unpacked what the overall goals of this process mean in practice, what changes are needed in different parts of humanitarian and development work, how these changes impact NGOs, as well as how can NGOs can influence the process.

Read the written responses to the follow-up questions by the guest experts

As an introduction to this session’s topic, read the interview with Fabrizio Hochschild, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Strategic Coordination in the Executive Office

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