Refresher Safety & Security Course

from Centre for Safety and Development
Registration deadline: 17 Nov 2017 Training date: 20 Nov 2017 More Information

NGO workers deal with security related issues on a daily basis. Repetition helps to maintain a professional level of security awareness and skills.

Successful completion of one of our Safety and Security Courses will enable you to perform effectively and efficiently and to travel safely under dangerous circumstances in unsafe areas. However, you will need to reinforce your security awareness and skills if you wish to integrate these with daily practice. Our Refresher Safety and Security Course will help you to maintain and improve awareness, knowledge and skills, making your response to life-threatening situations more adequate and natural.

This training course is based on role playing and interaction in simulations of real-life scenarios, from which you will learn and practice skills to help build self-confidence and for adopting a rational attitude. A safe learning environment is maintained at all times. One year after completing the course, you will receive an e-learning course to refresh your knowledge and skills.

Fee information:
Fee information: Training Package: € 449,00 (including all course materials) Food & Beverage: € 32,78 (excluding 6% VAT) VAT 6%: € 1,97 Total: € 483,75
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