Diagnose and Treat Febrile Illnesses - Malaria (Free Self-Paced Course)

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This 10 – 11 module training course was designed to support training of private sector providers in Uganda and Nigeria but its content is relevant to any healthcare professionals that wish to expand their knowledge on the use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests (RDT) and the case management of malaria and other common febrile illnesses. The course also covers aspects such as interpersonal communication skills, stock management, training and supervision. This course should be supplemented with practical sessions on how to do an RDT.

This training was developed by Malaria Consortium with support from UNITAID and by TechChange.

Topics Covered

The following themes are explored in the course:

  1. Malaria Overview
  2. Using Interpersonal Communication Skills with Clients
  3. Signs and Symptoms of Malaria
  4. Malaria Laboratory Tests
  5. Performing an RDT Safely and Correctly
  6. RDT Quality Assurance
  7. Treatment and Referral of Malaria
  8. Management of Clients with Fever and Negative RDT
  9. Record Keeping and Reporting Malaria Cases
  10. RDT Supply Chain Management and Storage Guidelines
  11. Training and Supervision (for Sales Representatives Only)

The 12th module is a condensed review of course material.

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