Google GEO Training Workshop

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What is Google Geo?

Google Geo Solutions are products developed by Google to assist in improving the way you manage your geographic data in terms of teams, assets and market.

Google GEO products

  1. Data collection of geo data on - ODK
  2. Visualizing your data in 2D and 3D - Google Earth
  3. Analyze your data and discover more from your data on - Google Fusion tables

4 Make awesome web maps and publish them online - Google Maps

What will you learn from this training?

· Real-time location visibility and coordination of mobile teams

· Build beautiful, powerful and engaging applications

· Enable collaboration based on geographical data

· Visualize and analyze your world in 3D - with a single click

· Store geo-spatial data in the Google Cloud for anytime access

Why train with us?

JapakGIS are the official authorised Google GEO enterprise resellers.From our strong belief that there is greatness by association, learning with us offers you the opportunity to learn about one of the greatest mapping platforms to enable you to capture, store and make sense of your data on your map.

How is our training

We offer instructor lead hands on training.Where we learn using various training aids (videos, presentations, demonstrations) and our trainees get to do exercises that helps them instil the learnt skill.

Duration and Cost

The workshop takes 4 days ie Monday to Thursday.We only train 10 trainees at a time therefore we register them on first come first serve basis and after payment in full of a facilitation fee of 25,000Ksh


The workshop will be conducted at the JapakGIS training center.Please click here for directions

How to register:

Register by filling in this simple questionnaire here and the training coordinator will get into contact with you within 24 hours.

You can also contact the training coordinator Rwenji Mobile number 0710668313 or email